Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tracking and Comments

After a week of wrestling with the Metocean tracking unit the problem as been corrected. The fault was in the antenna. The broadcast part of the unit includes a 60 foot cable that goes up the mast to an antenna at the the top. A backup cable and antenna was connected and that worked. The folks at Metocean pitched in as usual and were very helpful. This morning we got an email from them after they had spoken with the Anne confirming a good transmission. A little while later updates appeared on the Metocean website. I'm glad that's sorted because it's disturbing not having a good fix on their location.

Some time ago our sister blog 1000daysatsea.blogspot.com ceased updates. One of the nice parts of the blog was the comment section. I was sorry to see the blog's demise because it takes away from the communal part of the voyage on the internet. One of my mission control cohorts suggested that we reenable comment posting on the blog site. That sounds like a good idea. There won't be any posts on the blog. It will be a space for people to post comments and participate. Comments will be moderated so you'll have to bear with us about timing since most of us have day jobs and sometimes comments might take awhile to appear. This will be a way for people following the voyage to discuss things and maybe in the future we will make posts on the blog on topics of concern.

Above is a repost from 1000days.net. It gives some background on why we've turned on comments. Also some readers have asked about an RSS feed. The 1000days.net site has an RSS feed. So try that out.

The Editor

Sunday, December 30, 2007

1000 Days at Sea

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Comment posting is reenabled on this site. Comments are moderated and will take time to appear. This way, people following the voyage can discuss and contribute.